At the Belgian Academy of History we believe it is possible to bring happiness through the study of history.

Have you ever felt out of place with your surroundings? Are you sometimes frustrated by your inability to grasp the deeper meaning of cultural expressions or events? Were you expecting a culture similar to yours when you came to Belgium, only to discover things are more difficult than you thought? Do you feel you live in an expat-cocoon and are unable to make Belgian friends?

Then you might just be experiencing a ‘cultural malaise’. Numerous studies have indicated that the level of happiness people experience, is not just measured in wealth, opportunities or family life. Feeling a connection with the culture you live in and understanding the context of your everyday life, are equally important factors in the pursuit of happiness. In other words, your ‘cultural well-being’ needs to be looked after as well.

It is our strong conviction that by enhancing the historical knowledge of our ‘students’, we are also enlarging their cultural well-being.

We therefore aim to provide a clear and unbiased overview of the history of Belgium in its European and global context. Because no two people are the same, we provide multi-lingual courses and believe in interactive classes and personal service.

Happiness is an experience and so is history. At the Belgian Academy of History we therefore bring the past into the present to provide happiness for our students’ futures.

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