VBE: Belgian Beer Culture Experience


Belgian Beer Culture Experience: an exclusive masterclass to uncover our beer’s hidden (and tasty) secrets

  • What is this masterclass about?

Beer and Belgium, there is no taking the two apart. If the galaxy was Belgian, at the core of the galaxy you would find beer. It’s more than that drink to be had with friends in the pub. Even if you don’t like beer, you can learn to love it in Belgium. It easily matches wine, not only in the skill needed to brew it and the meaning and place in life and society, but also in its subtlety and complexity (or even alcohol volume), and in fact it has more diverse flavours. The knowledge that goes into brewing beer and the serving of beer encompasses an entirely new world, in which you can have special moments in your life shared with friends or while meeting new people.

That’s just one of the things beer can be.

But how is it made here in Belgium? What flavours, smells, sensations can you find in them and how? What type of beers typically have which flavours? What sets apart a regular lager from saisons, abbey style, Trappists, Flanders Red, spiced beers, fruit beers, lambics? How are they created and what makes them so special? What is the story behind these beers?

Well, let’s find out in our exclusive Belgian Beer Culture Experience. We’ll share several beers, explain how they work, and help you find your way in over 1100 different beers. To register, just scroll down and fill in the form below.

This masterclass is not your average beer tasting event. It is foremost a detailed masterclass about the ingredients needed to brew beer, brewery techniques and beer history. You can expect a thorough lesson by a beer expert, course material specially designed for this masterclass, and several beers accompanied by tasty Belgian snacks.

  • Who is the expert lecturer?

Senna Rees


Senna Rees will be accompanying you on this beer tasting journey. He is a long-time beer enthusiast, hobby brewer and member of the Brussels beer club Malt&Mout.


  • Who will enjoy this masterclass?

This beer masterclass is meant to be an introduction to the Belgian beer culture as well as scratching more than just the surface. It will last about 3 hours. It’s meant for those who know very little about beer and want to know more, and those who know the basics but want to go deeper. We will have 5 different beers in special tasting glasses, selected to represent certain categories or styles of beer.

This masterclass is also an occasion to meet new friends or network with other internationals living and working in Belgium. It can also be booked as an exclusive networking event or team building experience. To register, just scroll down and fill in the form below.

  • When and where:

Friday 9 June 2017, from 19h until 21h30. After the masterclass, Senna Rees will be happy to accompany you to a typical Belgian bar if you like.

  • Registration fee:

The registration fee for this special event is € 345This is our special start-up rate! This summer 2017, our prices will go up. So don’t miss out on your final chance to register at start-up rates for our events!

To register, just scroll down and fill in the form below.

For this fee you will get a unique masterclass from an expert lecturer, several beers, tasty and hearty snacks to accompany those beers and to make sure you don’t get hungry during the class, as well as specially designed course material that you can take home with you, and which includes a few surprises.

Discover the Belgian beer culture and you will enjoy beer more, and love Belgium even more.