The port of Ostend
The port of Ostend

You don’t have the time to participate in our evening courses?

You are new in Belgium and you want to know more about this country’s culture and history?

You want to understand your Belgian co-workers better?

You employ expats and you want to offer them the chance to integrate easier?

You want to join a small group of history enthusiasts to be completely immersed in history from morning until evening?

You enjoy learning as much as you enjoy travelling and discovering new places and new people?

This summer, in 2017, the Belgian Academy of Culture and History will organize the first ever summerschools on the history of Belgium. This is a completely new and original experience, that will combine intensive, but concise history lessons, with an exciting cultural programme.

Two exclusive summerschools will be organised: Brussels in June 2017  and Ostend in July 2017.

You would like the Academy to organise a summerschool specifically for your institution or company? These dates don’t work for you, but you would like us to organise a summerschool on a different date? We are happy to discuss the options with you. Just contact us for more information.