Summerschool Brussels 2017

Brussels Warandepark

Have you been living in Belgium for a while and you feel that access to proper information on Belgium is difficult? Are you a diplomat stationed in Belgium and you need to know more about this country and its place in Europe and the world? Are you working for a Belgian or an international company and you are looking for a way to help with your cultural integration? Then this course gives you all the information you need and a chance to discuss all your questions, doubts, etc. with experts on Belgian history.

From 26 June until 29 June, 2017, the Academy will be hosting an intensive and unique 4-day summerschool ‘History of Belgium’ in Brussels at Muntpunt.

The cultural program acts as an integral part of the course, representing important cultural characteristics of Belgium. Moreover, during the entire 4 days, from morning until evening, you can interact and discuss your experiences with your fellow participants and with the experts who will be accompanying you all week. 

During this summerschool you will be fully immersed in the history and culture of Belgium. To make sure you have ample time for discussion and have a chance to interact with both lecturers and fellow course participants, this summerschool will be open for a limited number of registrations only.

This is a non-residential summerschool, meaning hotel bookings are not included. If you are looking for a hotel, the official tourist website of the city of Brussels has everything you need.

Contact us for more information on fees and details.