The Belgian coast: my article in The Bulletin Magazine Summer 2017

The Belgian coast 

The Belgian coast does not seem to 'inspire' a lot of people. I often hear comments about how 'ugly' the Belgian coast is, about the concrete buildings (we often use the description 'the concrete coast') etc etc With those remarks often comes a comparison with the French ‘Opal coast’ or with the seemingly untouched dunes at the Dutch resort of Cadzand. Both the French and Dutch North Sea resorts seem to be a better alternative to that unattractive Belgian coast. 

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History of Belgium Integration course

History of Belgium Integration course Finally, our third new program: the History of Belgium Integration course.

“It was so tempting to limit my connections to the other expats already there… it’s a welcoming community. But after a while, it feels strange: as if I lived in a parallel world from my neighbours.” Sara Reyniers, Freelance Translator, Language Specialist and Journalist specialized in EU policy, about her own expat experience(s)

If you are an expat in Belgium, you might feel the same way. Maybe you never expected Belgium to be as complicated as it is. You feel puzzled by the country, your Belgian colleagues and friends, and you don’t really understand what all these problems about languages are about. 

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Tips for what to do when warm weather hits Belgium

Feeling a bit hot? Then read on for an unusual tip on where you can go!

[caption id="attachment_2061" align="aligncenter" width="840"]The beach near Ostend, Belgium The beach near Ostend, Belgium[/caption] When it's this hot outside (while I'm writing this, it's 35°C...), people understandably flock to the Belgian coast or to the nearest swimming pool. Bruzz recently listed the nearest outdoor swimming pools for those of you dying to flee the city heat. But if you can't stand the bustle of crowds of people trying to get a bit of refreshment in or near the water, than it might be a good idea to do the exact opposite.

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