What is a masterclass?

A masterclass is an intensive 2,5 hour lesson and discussion on an important topic in Belgian or European history.

Masterclasses are taught by experts in their field, who share their knowledge and research expertise with a limited number of participants.

This means you will join a small group of like-minded people who are just as eager to learn as you are. In this way, you have the privilege of experiencing private tutoring, while at the same time you enjoy the benefits of group interactions.

In preparation for a masterclass you might be asked to read or study a scholarly article on the subject of the masterclass. This is to make sure you are well-prepared and ready to participate in a stimulating discussion.

A masterclass is not a lecture

That is why the number of participants is limited to a smaller group. After all, we could put you in a room with 50 other people, but that severely limits your opportunity to interact with the expert(s) and with your fellow participants.

To make sure you are not distracted, we discourage the use of smartphones or tablets during the masterclass. You can tweet away all you like during breaks. Multi-tasking is generally believed to undermine your brain’s ability to focus, and hence, to learn!

Because a masterclass is quite intellectually challenging, we believe you should experience it in the best possible environment. All our masterclasses are taught in Brussels, at Muntpunt. The Muntpunt library is very centrally located, easy to reach (both by car or public transportation) and it has all the comfort you would expect in the 21st century.

What can you expect?

You can expect a lesson of about 2,5 hours in total, with ample time and opportunity for discussion and interaction during and after the lesson.

To make sure you have the best opportunity to learn, we provide you with course material. Depending on the source of this material, it might consist of online or digital resources, e-mailed to you before the start of the masterclass, or of printed copies of scholarly works distributed during the masterclasses. You also receive suggestions for reading more on your chosen topic.

During the masterclass you can enjoy a light (non-alcoholic) drink and a sweet surprise.

Because masterclasses are taught in small groups, they also provide a great opportunity to network or to meet new friends.

What will you learn?

The amount of knowledge you take away with you, is entirely up to you. You might want to study the material we provide you with beforehand. Or you might want to enjoy listening to what the expert has to say, before you decide to immerse yourself in more knowledge.

The masterclasses are taught by experts. This means they have acquired their expertise through their studies, their experience, and/or their research into the subject. These are the sort of people who write the books you like to read. They are the experts who decide what your children learn in school, or what policymakers (should) use in their professional decisions.

Pick their brains while you have the chance! Take valuable insight home with you that these people spent years acquiring.

So, don’t miss this opportunity and register for our masterclasses!

Our first series of masterclasses is taught from February to May 2017 on Topics in Belgian History.