History of Belgium: evening courses on the history, culture and politics of Belgium

The Coudenberg in Brussels
The Coudenberg in Brussels in the 19th century

We offer a unique and concise set of seminars currently unavailable elsewhere, that will give you a clear and unbiased overview of the history of Belgium in its European and global context.

Our curriculum consists of different modules, each detailing a certain time period or important topic in Belgian history.

In just a short space of time, each module will bring to life topics such as the Belgian language barrier or the complicated federal political structure in this country.

Our seminars are interactive, which means there is plenty of room to discuss your views on these topics, or answer questions you might have. They are also the ideal way to meet other people who are as interested in history as you are.

Our History of Belgium evening courses are organized per season: Spring, Autumn and Winter courses. In the summer we offer comprehensive Summerschools.