History and family coaching by Mirella Marini
History and family coaching by Mirella Marini

Many internationals travel from country to country, living a life of adventure, but also of being uprooted every so many years again.

Expats often intermarry, which offers them a unique insight into other cultures and traditions, and yet also quite often creates a distance between them and their own cultural memories.

Difficult questions arise: what is my culture? What is my history? What are my family values? What about my children? What culture are my children brought up in? How do I deal with this ‘Third Culture’ they develop? And how does that affect me?

How do I make sure my children don’t forget about their family history, their family traditions? How do I make sure I don’t lose touch with my homeland or my culture?

Together, you and I will explore this and more in a 4-month coaching program. Some of the coaching sessions will take place in unexpected places to challenge your experience of life, others will be held online through Skype. You can decide what works best for you! 

During this coaching program:

·         you will explore your family history

·         you will gain insights into your own feelings and ideas about values, family and memory

·         you will put your family history in the appropriate political, cultural, religious etc context to help you communicate your ‘experience’ of family history

·         you will learn how not to lose contact with your childhood memories

·         you will learn how to put experiences in context and how to integrate your expat culture into your family history

·         you will create a family file that holds all the information, memories etc that you are keen to preserve for yourself and your children

Registration fees starting at € 477.

Are you ready to create and preserve family memories for yourself and your family members?

Then contact me today and we will start this journey together!

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