Historical Education and Events

History and culture are not just trendy words, they refer to your everyday experiences, your deepest understanding of everyday life.

If you truly want to understand what Belgium is about, you need to be immersed in its rich and fascinating history. Because we believe in ‘learning by doing’ there are several ways in which to uncover that historical wealth.

You would like a clear and concise overview of the history of Belgium? You would like to read up on history, but you don’t know where to start?

You’re looking for university level education, without the hassle of obtaining a(nother) university degree? You’re passionate about culture and history, but you’re frustrated by the lack of learning possibilities? You would like to meet like-minded people and share your experiences and ideas about history?

Our evening courses are just the thing for you.

You’re looking for university level education, but you prefer to be completely immersed in history for three or more consecutive days?

You would like to combine your love of travel and meeting people, with your love for history and learning? You’re new in this country and you just have to know what it’s all about?

As of 2017, we will offer unique and original summerschools for a concise and enjoyable journey into history.

You’re looking for a great day out, in a small group of other enthusiasts? You want to explore Belgium in a less touristic way?

You want to see the places where history was made and learn from professional historians about the important events that occured there?

Join us on a historical safari.

You want to explore Belgium in a new, trendy, and exclusive way?

You want nothing less but a VIP-treatment and an exclusive look behind the curtains?

You want to experience Belgian fashion, Belgian food and Belgian life in an original and personal setting?

Then our Very Belgian Experiences (VBE’s) are exactly the thing for you!