Feeling puzzled by Belgium?

At the Academy we offer unique programs which are designed to make you feel more at home in Belgium, through the study of Belgian history and culture. All of these programs help with your cultural integration and offer you a sense of ‘homecoming’.

There are three special programs for you: 

  1. The History of Belgium CourseA 4-month program designed to make you feel more at home in Belgium, through the study of its history and culture. After this course, you will have a better understanding of the country’s state organisation, of the complexities of Belgian society, and of the different narratives that exist in Belgium in regard to its (long and rich) history. This will help you communicate better with Belgians, as well as stimulate your ‘homecoming’ process. 
  2. History coaching: in search of your personal historyOr: how to deal with your ‘Third Culture’ family. A 4-month coaching program, starting this summer 2017, in which you explore your family history and learn to preserve your family values and memory for your children.
  3. History of the Congo: before, during and after colonisation

A 3-month program that will give you a thorough understanding of colonisation processes and the way both the West and the South were shaped by these experiences. To internationals living in Belgium, the relationship between Belgium and the Congo seems to be sealed in blood and conflict. But only a few people know the history of the Belgian colonisation and developments that have happened since. Even Belgian historians remain largely in the dark about Belgium’s colonial past. This program is set up to offer the first complete academic course about the past and present relations with Congo.

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