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The Belgian Congo

The history of Congo continues to spark debate. It’s clear many people have a need to understand what happened in Congo and who was involved. Despite a lot of recently published works, a number of questions remain unanswered.

How did Congo look like before colonisation? How was society organised? What policy did the Belgian state develop after taking over the colony from Leopold II? How did the independence of Congo unfurl and what are the Belgian-Congolese relations today? 

At the same time, the Congo case-study offers a view on colonisation and decolonisation processes in general in Africa during the 19th and 20th century. By focussing and understanding the situation in Congo, a comparison is presented on other types of colonisation on the African continent.

This will give you a further assessment of the complexities of these various types of colonisation processes and their aftermath.

3-month exceptional course

This and more will be the subject of a 3-month course. This course, which is directed at internationals residing in Belgium, is completely unique. Even in the curriculum of university students of history, classes about Congo are scarce, sometimes non-existent.

Some basic understanding of Belgian history might come in handy, but is not necessary to register for this course. For people working or having an interest in foreign policy, international economic affairs, European history and/or African history, this course is a rare chance to have access to information that is not widely available.

Experts from Belgian universities will share insights from their research that is near impossible to find for non-academics and often only available in French or Dutch. This fragmentary information is brought together in a narrative that is tailored to the interests of an international audience. 

This is a chance to take university level studies, without having to bother with daytime classes, homework or exams. 

After this course: 

·         You will have a thorough understanding of the history of the Belgian Congo

·         You will know a history that is largely unknown to the majority of the Belgian public

·         You will gain insights into the mechanisms of (African) colonisation

·         You will have a better view on the current international relations between Belgium and the Congo

·         You will receive a Certificate of Attendance

Registration fees starting at € 1179.

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