Belgium has become one of the world’s most important international hubs, among other things because of international institutions in Brussels like the EU or NATO. But international companies can be found all over Belgium, employing Belgians and expats at the same time. For expats, moving to a different country and trying to adapt to a new culture can be a stressful experience. While many people are able to adapt quickly, thanks to helpful colleagues and new friends, for many others some form of ‘cultural malaise’ lingers on. The fact that Belgium is not such an easy country to understand – considering its complex state organization and its multi-lingual society – can lead to confusion and frustration. At the Belgian Academy of Culture and History we believe we can tackle that frustration, by explaining in historical detail why Belgium is the country that it is today.

Because we believe that every company is unique, the course program can of course be adapted to your specific needs. It can also be offered in several languages, like English, Dutch and French. More languages can be offered upon request.

Please contact us for an appointment and we will be happy to explain in detail what this course can offer.

  • Are you looking for a unique team building experience? Do you want to offer your business partners or your employees an exciting historical excursion rich in cultural experiences, accompanied by professional historians? All the historical events listed on our events page can be transformed into company events. The program of these events can of course be adapted to your wishes.

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