7 Unexpected Reasons Why Expatriates Don’t Understand Belgium: a free email course

7 Unexpected Reasons Why Expatriates Don’t Understand Belgium: a free email course

Free Emailcourse 7 unexpected reasons why expats don't understand Belgium

As of Monday 22 January 2018 you can take a free email course at the Belgian Academy of Culture and History, titled “7 Unexpected Reasons Why Expatriates Don’t Understand Belgium”. 

This is a completely free course.  

First of all, this means you don’t have to pay to take this email course. Not now, not ever. I will not ask you to pay for downloads, extra materials etc etc. It’s free and it will stay free. 

Secondly, this is a course. It does not consist of a simple list of 7 tips which you can read and be done with. It is a course, it takes two weeks, and I encourage anyone taking this course to get committed. 

So why did I come up with this course? Where does the title come from and why would I offer this for free? 

A few months ago I received a telephone call from a journalist asking me this simple question: “Why is Belgium so difficult to understand for expats? 

I thought about that question and the answers I came up with are maybe not what you would expect. 

On social media I follow a lot of expat groups in Belgium. The questions people ask on those forums help me determine what people struggle with most in this country. Quite often I participate in the debates, I try to help or offer advice. So instead of repeating a lot of the same things on social media, I decided to group people’s remarks and my thoughts on them together. 

This course is thus the result of my experiences with your questions. It’s free because I have already tried to answer those questions, try to point people in the right direction. And now I will be doing that in a more structured way. 

So what is this course about? 

What you will not read anything about is why Belgium is such a good (or bad) country to live in, or what goes right (or wrong) in this country. This course is not intended to be a moral discussion on living in Belgium. Instead you will read about Belgian culture and history. 

I discuss Belgian languages, Belgian politics, the Belgian state organisation, Belgian history etc etc. Some of that is not even only about Belgium. No matter if you have just arrived in Belgium, or if you have lived here for years, the themes I discuss are a good starting point for every expatriate who wants to know where his or her confusion comes from. 

As always, your learning experience depends on your commitment.

Don’t register for this course if you are not interested in learning. Don’t register of you can’t invest the time. Don’t take it if you don’t want to think about the reasons I discuss or answer questions about them. 

If you do enjoy learning, and if you are fed up by hearing the same thing over and over, or if you are curious to read a new angle on this country, then this course is exactly the thing for you. 

Register now through the form below and start as of Monday 22 January 2018. 

Happy learning!


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