Kick-off for the new course and a free bonus

The summer vacation is over and judging by the weather outside, I’d say Autumn is upon us. 

I had quite a bit of writing to do over the summer, and I’m very proud of myself for reaching all my deadlines. My friends know me as someone who is notoriously bad with deadlines and who usually does too many things at once. So this feels really good.

1.   Kick-off History of Belgium Integration course

I’m also very happy to announce that the new History of Belgium Integration Course starts this month, with an extra feature: the course will also be available as an online course! You will get video’s, presentations, downloads etc in a professional, easy to use platform.

 You can still opt for more ‘live’ lessons, but that is entirely up to you. This will make the course more flexible and easier to follow for people with little time or who travel a lot. That’s one of the reasons I decided to create an online environment: I could see that some people struggled with the dates and times of the lessons or sometimes even missed some. So with the online course, that is now a thing of the past. 

You can register for the course by filling in the contact form.

The other reason I wanted to do more online, is that this way I can reach more people. My initial idea was to start a course in every major city in Belgium, since I also had people from Ghent or Antwerp who contacted me. But after a bit of reflection I realised that that would be very unpractical (let’s be honest, it would have been completely crazy). So, distance is no longer a problem.

2.   Free Skype call 

The other thing that is new, is that when you fill in the contact form you can ask me for a FREE SKYPE CALL of about an hour (worth €147!). If you want to meet me first or if you need more details about the course, you can leave your contact details and we’ll arrange a Skype call to chat.

Why a skype call? I’m an extremely critical person, I never believe the promises made in advertisements (my husband says it’s quite amusing to hear me comment on TV commercials) and I am generally unable to buy anything before thinking long and hard about it. So I get it, you want to be absolutely sure about me and about the course. I also know that my self-doubt is sometimes paralysing and that from time to time I need someone else to help me make a decision.

So please don’t hesitate. Just fill in your contact details and ask for that skype call. 

I have a few more surprises up my sleeve (free course anyone?), but I will leave that for next time.