I have big news!

Mirella Marini
Mirella Marini

This past year has gone by so quickly! I’ve learned so much from the experience of teaching history to expats, it has actually helped to put my own expat experiences in context. Because I was still ‘experimenting’ with the course – both the course material and the didactic method changed a bit over the year – I deliberately kept the registration fees at a lower level.

However, the Academy can’t grow if I keep on operating with these start-up fees. They don’t reflect the correct value of the history products of the Academy and they don’t reflect your benefit, your value, your advantages when you feel more at ease, more at home and more comfortable in Belgium.

This is why I have decided to significantly raise the prices to a level that correctly reflects the value of what I do for you.

I understand you, because I’ve been an expat myself. So I know what kind of information you need to feel more at home. I assist you in your ‘homecoming’ process and help you burst that expat bubble. Finding your way in a foreign country is tough and finding information about Belgium in English (or in your own language) is not easy. Especially not because that information is fragmentary at best, difficult to locate to say the least, or too often limited in its scope.

I create a story for you that helps with your cultural integration and I do so without resorting to platitudes or limiting myself to a regional view. With me, you have a safe environment to learn, to ask your questions, to share your doubts or your criticisms. Through me, you access a world of information, years of studying and research – and all that in just a few weeks – with the luxury of a personal approach and lessons that have both the benefits of private tutoring AND the comfort of group dynamics.

So this Spring 2017, you can book our History of Belgium course for the very last time in this format, and for these prices! I have decided to transform this course, so the familiar 4-evening format will disappear.

For all those people that contacted me over the past year and weren’t sure about the dates or about the venue: this course will not come back in this format and will not be available for this fee any more! Make time. Come to Brussels. This is your final chance to take advantage of my start-up prices.

The same is true for the masterclasses. The masterclasses will also not come back in this format and will not be offered for these fees anymore. This is your final chance to participate in our Congo masterclass or our masterclass about the regional politics in Belgium! If you did not register on time, you will miss it.

And when I say ‘final’, I mean ‘final’ 😉

You have just a week left to register and help yourself feel better in Belgium.