Free Launch Event at Muntpunt 17-01-2017: History and Culture in Belgium

Next Tuesday, 17 January 2017 the Belgian Academy will host a free launch event!

Free Launch Event Belgian Academy of Culture and History

We felt that it was high time to officially introduce the Belgian Academy of Culture and History and to explain why we believe history is so important for every human being.

We live in a time when many people feel that they are detached from their surroundings. Political tensions are running high in the world, fear reigns, news items are being fired at us with unprecedented speed and our brain fails to process that information in an appropriate way. Our life is so hectic that you can now even take classes that teach you to ‘stand still’.

At the same time ‘culture’ seems to be a magic word. Everything we don’t understand is attributed to ‘culture’ and ‘cultural differences’. We talk about a religious culture, but also about a work culture, a company culture, a culture of fear, Western culture, a Christian, Arab or African culture, elite culture or popular culture, etc. And all these terms have different meanings.

We believe that people should get in touch with the essence of culture: culture is what makes and made us human. And culture in that sense is inextricably linked to our history.

Learning is travelling in your mind-Belgian Academy of Culture and History

“There’s a resistance to the idea that things can be learned from the past, but the past is a kind of closet full of human beings who have lots to say. The door should be opened once in a while”.
Jill Lepore, author ofThe Secret History of Wonder Woman’, in an interview by Emily M. Keeler for the National Post (2014).

Lately education and educational reform is constantly in the news in Belgium. In these discussions education is often classified into categories: the ‘compulsory’ education from childhood to young adulthood is continuously under fire, academic studies are supposedly out of touch with the realities of working life or adult education which is increasingly coming to the fore.

Why do more and more adults pursue additional studies after their working hours? Some undoubtedly look for a course with ‘direct benefits’ as you might say: an education that should lead to better opportunities for career development. But a lot of other people follow courses that give personal satisfaction, classes that help escape from a bore-out or burn out, or a course that picks up a creative potential that has remained underexposed in years of ‘classic’ education.

Ultimately, all these courses have the same goal: to make us better people.

That is exactly what the Academy stands for. The unshakable belief that we can help people to improve their cultural well-being.

The power of education-Belgian Academy of Culture and History

Next Tuesday at our free launch event we focus on our motives to offer history lessons to adults. You get an overview of the courses already offered by the Academy now, but also of our future plans and how we hope to bring more people in touch with their history.

Come join us for this free event at Muntpunt at 19h00 and tell us about your life and ideas about Belgium. Ask us about things you’d like to know more about and enjoy a drink with like-minded people.

Expect talks, a reception with drinks and snacks and an inside look on what the Academy has to offer. You need to register for this event, registration ends on Monday 16-01-2017.

Where: Muntpunt, Munt 6, 1000 Brussel. Muntpunt is right at the heart of Brussels and can be easily reached by both public transportation and by car.

When: Tuesday 17-01-2017. The free event starts at 19h00 and ends at 20h30.

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