Masterclasses ‘Topics in Belgian history’-first names


As of February 2017, 9 experts will be hosting 8 exclusive masterclasses at the Academy.

These masterclasses will be taking place on the following dates: 1-2-2017, 15-2-2017, 8-3-2017, 22-3-2017, 29-3-2017, 19-4-2017, 3-5-2017 and 17-5-2017. All masterclasses will be taking place at Muntpunt, from 19h until 21h30.

In the coming days and weeks, we will start highlighting the topics and the experts in this special series of masterclasses. Today we will start with:

  • Hadewijch Masure (University of Antwerp) and Eline Van Onacker (University of Antwerp), who will together offer a masterclass on “Poverty in the past: how communities dealt with poor relief before the welfare state” on 22 March 2017. All over Europe the welfare state is put under increasing pressure and austerity measures taken after the financial crisis often seem to be directed at transforming, if not even downright abolishing the social security of weaker groups in society. Yet, we hardly look to the past for answers, alternatives or explanations for today’s issues. In this masterclass, the lecturers will take you back in time to the late medieval and early modern Low Countries.
  • Bastiaan De Roo‘s (University of Ghent) masterclass is about “Belgium’s inconvenient past: Colonial rule and exploitation in Leopold’s Congo (1885-1908)“. Until this day the atrocities committed in the Congo under the rule of Leopold II continue to give rise to heated debates. It is one of the most painful, yet also one of the least known periods in Belgian history. The exact date for this masterclass will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming days and weeks!

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