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Puzzled by Belgium?

At the Academy we offer unique programs which are designed to make you feel more at home in Belgium, through the study of Belgian history and culture. All of these programs help with your cultural integration and offer you a sense of ‘homecoming’

Living an expat life can be incredibly fulfilling: you get to know different cultures, different people, and you have a chance to see countries or places that a lot of people can only dream of.  

Yet you’re also moving abroad every so many years. You work, live and relax mostly among other expats – in the so-called expat bubble – and it can be hard to feel at home in a country you haven’t been to before. 


Sarah_Belgian_Academy-Culture_HistoryI took my course in the History of Belgium during my tenth year living in Brussels as Belgium has been very good to me and has become my home, yet I knew so little about what made it the country it is today. It can be easy to live in an international bubble in Brussels but that also means you can miss out on a real connection to your adopted country.
Sarah R. from Ireland, living in Brussels


Moving abroad means learning new languages, adapting to new environments and meeting new friends. Although that can be fun and adventurous in itself, it can also be frustrating and difficult. 

In many countries around the world you can find ‘acculturation’ courses. Mostly these courses will help you fit in, you will learn about local customs or particularities, and sometimes you get to know more about a country’s history. 


I live in Belgium since 2011. My native country is Costa Rica, therefore after a year of living here, I had to take the compulsory integration course, which helped me to understand the basics on: the health system, transportation, education, etc… I also received a very brief explanation on the Belgian history. I however felt that I did not understand the culture and traditions around me.
Ana Lorena Koberg from Costa Rica, living in Antwerp, Global Client Director at Choice Group (London, UK), www.choicemoney.co.uk


At the Belgian Academy of Culture and History, we take this a step further.

We believe we can make you feel more at home and connected to the country you live in.


Balloon over Flemish-Brabant in July 2016. Belgian Academy of Culture and History
Balloon over Flemish-Brabant in July 2016
“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”
L.P. Hartley in “The Go-Between”
The past is fundamentally different. Societies of the past are different than societies today. Going back in time to study these past societies and to try to understand the motives of their people, is like travelling.
Studying the past, is travelling with your mind. Studying history, is meeting new cultures and new ideas, set in a world you haven’t yet encountered.


The Belgian Academy of Culture and History is a private history academy, founded in 2016 by Belgian historian Mirella Marini.


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At the Belgian Academy of Culture and History, we bring the past into the present, and we hope to see you in the future!